Good Smile Company Gussumakuji / Hatsune Miku 2012 Winter C-Prize Clay Lloyd Petit ・ append set


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The cute Append versions of Miku, Rin and Len are joining the Nendoroid Petite series!

The first ever set of lottery-based products from Good Smile Company are finally here! The 'GSC Lottery: Hatsune Miku 2012 Winter Ver.’ will only be running this Winter, and you’ll be able to enter for a chance to win some amazing products at any FamilyMart convenience stores as well as at various hobby shops!

The C prize of the lottery is this set of Nendoroid Petite Vocaloid characters, all wearing the outfits based on the additional voice library packs 'Hatsune Miku Append’ and ’ 'Kagamine Rin/Len Append’. Enjoy the unique appearance of the three Append version Vocaloids, all in cute Nendoroid Petite size!

Marka: Good Smile Company

Linia Produktu: Nendoroid Petite

Materiał: PCV / ABS


165mm x 225mm x 75mm / 212g




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Waga 375 g
Wymiary 165 × 225 × 75 cm

II kwartał 2021